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Ultra Team Info

Third Coast Relay Ultra Runners:

Teams in the Third Coast Relay can choose to be in the "Ultra" Category. Twp to Six runners complete the entire 206 miles either by dividing up the 36 legs however they see fit (Freestyle Ultra). This division of the race is very similar to a marathon.

The similarities to Hood to Coast, Reach the Beach, The Relay, Wasatch Back and Wild West Relays are many. The number of legs and numbers of runners may vary slightly on these other races as does the number of teams and the terrain, but the Third Coast Relay is very similar in that there are options for runners to run as few as 13 miles in their 3 legs or more than 35 miles on an Ultra Team.

Ultra Teams are made up of Two to Six runners, with each runner taking turns running legs in whatever manner they choose. For instance, teams can choose to run 1 leg at a time (as Classic teams do), with each team member running 6 total legs.Ultra Teams may also decide to have each runner run 2 legs in a row before handing off the waistband. There is no order or number of legs run requirements in this category -- HOWEVER, each runner MUST check in/out at each Exchange Point or they will be disqualified or assessed a time penalty.

Below are details that apply ONLY to Ultra Teams.


•Ultra teams are required to have only one vehicle (SUV, minivans and vans preferred)

•Ultra Team vehicles are not allowed, for any reason, to pace their runners, however, they can arrange to meet a runner at any Exchange Point along their route to refuel (water, energy bars, etc.) Alternatively, Ultra Team runners may have a pacer either on foot or on bike, but ABSOLUTELY NO VEHICLE PACING. All pacers must have a light and wear a reflective vest from dusk to dawn. In addition, ALL PACERS MUST SIGN A WAIVER. If a pacer is discovered to have not signed a waiver, the team may be disqualified or assessed a time penalty

•All other rules apply

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